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III quarter of 2016 in the TIM Capital Group: record-high turnover despite difficult environment


After an excellent I half-year, in the III quarter of 2016 TIM SA maintained high sales dynamics, although – due to a slowdown in the construction industry – lower than in the first six months. The share of the e-commerce channel in the general turnover is still growing. 


The best results in more than 5 years


This is the in brief a description of the results of TIM SA and the entire TIM Capital Group after the first half of 2016. The largest distributor of electronics in Poland has achieved the turnover higher by 1/5 than a year before (PLN 287.2 million vs 239.3 million) and almost PLN 5.4 million net profit.


The I quarter of 2016: turnover increased by 19% and the net profit… by 1568% as compared to the previous year


While a year ago TIM Capital Group announced the first net profit in three years at a symbolic level of PLN 234 thousand, the I quarter of 2016 brought concrete, reaching PLN 4.5 million individual and consolidated net profit.  


2015 in TIM Capital Group: “The last year’s rumours about the death of TIM SA were exaggerated”


A year like this does not happen too often! The highest turnover in the history and the first in three years net profit and operating profit achieved by TIM SA and the entire TIM Capital Group in 2015. 2/3 of the TIM’s revenues was due to the internet sales channel.


A profitable 3rd quarter of 2015 for TIM SA


After 10 quarters of losses TIM SA achieved positive financial results at all levels. In the 3rd quarter of 2015 the profit from sales amounted to PLN 1.41 million, the operating profit – PLN 1.5 million and the net profit – PLN 1.01 million. 


The first half of 2015 in TIM Capital Group: the turnover exceeded a quarter billion PLN


The largest distributor of electrical engineering devices in Poland has experienced the best first half of the year in its history in terms of revenues from sale. In TIM SA it amounted to almost 239.1 million and was higher by 12.7% than that achieved in the first half of 2014 and in the entire TIM Capital Group – PLN 256.2 million (increase by 13.1%). 


Data selected from the report for the 1st quarter of 2015


Read 6 pages of the 1st quarter of 2015 summary,  with the most important financial data of TIM SA. In English.


Data selected from the Annual Report for the year 2014


Read and download 17 pages of the year 2014 summary and the most important financial data of TIM SA.


Annual report for 2012


TIM SA has published annual reports for 2012 - both individual and consolidated.


TIM S.A. in the stock exchange Liquidity Support Programme


The Management Board of Warsaw Stock Exchange confirmed admitting TIM S.A. to the Liquidity Support Programme.

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